Ford – 9 months

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This little stinker is MOBILE now! WATCH OUT! He’s a crawling machine. And he is loving it. I don’t know why we were encouraging him to move, because WOW, life has changed! I can no longer plop him in the middle of the floor with toys and get ready in the morning. He’s not content to just sit there, he is ALL OVER the place – exploring and checking out everything. I’ve been desperate a few times and sat him in the bath tub just to keep him contained while I get ready! LOL. One morning, while Diz was watching him, he turned away for 3 seconds and Ford had the dog food bowl turned over and *luckily* Ford didn’t feel the need to try any of the kibble. (I’d knock on wood but I’m almost certain he’s going to try it at some point!)

Weight: 24lbs 4.5oz

Height: 29.5″

Doctor Appt: Doing well (as expected). His NP seemed pleased with his new crawling skills and how he can sit up so well unassisted (? he’s been doing this for quite some time – then again she hasn’t seen him since his 6 month check). She watched him stand up (with assistance) and remarked that “he’s doing SO great” and we should expect walking by the 1 year mark, but to not be worried if it’s later. He is growing up & gaining weight like crazy! He’s not really following his curve on the weight chart, it’s more of a straight line! He’s in the 97th percentile for weight and though she didn’t come right out and say it, I think Ford is gaining a little too quickly for her liking. Haha! She did mention to encourage more water drinking to see if he could decrease his formula intake, and then reassured me that his weight would most likely stabilize and level off in the next 3 months since he’s mobile now. He didn’t need any vaccines this time, but did have an iron check (it was normal), but he will have vaccines at his 1 year check up (which is the next scheduled visit).


Nicknames: Baby Ford, Bubbie, Bub, Mr Ford, Bubba, Handsome Boy, Fordy Ford

Eating: it seems like we finally dropped a bottle. He’s down to 5 bottles a day (4-6 oz each). He eats 3 meals a day, he’s still eating purees but also eating “real” food. He’s messy, but that’s the fun part, right? He’ll eat pretty much anything. All fruit, veggies, meat, puffs, graham crackers, anything. He’s also finally figuring out sippy cups! Wahoo!

Sleeping: Our little dude is amazing. Still such a great sleeper. I’ve contemplated moving his bedtime a tad earlier because he’s been a little grouchy when we start our bedtime routine and it makes the whole process a little tougher. Once he’s asleep though, he’s down for the night.


Diapers: Size 4s

Clothing: He’s in 12-18 month clothes. There are a handful of 6-12, 9 month things he can wear. And most of his jammies are 9 & 12 month size, but they are getting snug (length wise).


Social/Milestones: We have a crawler! He was doing the rocking back and forth thing for a long time and he was moving backwards but finally figured out the forward motion. He was a tad wobbly for 2-3 days and now he is a speed demon. Gone are the mornings where I can plop him down on the floor with a pile of toys while I get ready. He’s getting into the dog bowls (luckily no dog food has been eaten yet *knocks on wood*), he’s crawling over to the side of the stairs (where there are lots of sharp edges – ahh!) and pulling himself up on the couch, toys, pretty much everything. I have a feeling he’s going to be walking very soon. He just loves to move. My mom made the comment that he seems so much happier now that he’s moving. 🙂

Likes: Anything musical or that lights up. Crawling. The dog bowls. Bath time. The dog toys (gag). His Dad (I am chopped liver most nights #boo)


Dislikes: when Daddy leaves the room, not eating when the adults are eating, and the last few nights – going to bed. He’s been super fussy, won’t cuddle, hard go get down, etc. Hoping it’s a phase and we get our snuggly bed time routine back.

Momma: Doing great! I’ve lost 13 lbs at Weight Watchers, been running more and getting a little faster, too. I won our work’s Biggest Loser competition and got $120 – bought a new workout outfit from Fabletics on the encouragement of a fellow blogger and CrossFit harass, Courtney. I keep saying I am going to go back to CrossFit but I still haven’t. With all the house stuff going on I just haven’t made the time and I need to. I miss my gym!

Daddy: Sundance is quickly taking over the “favorite” person role in our house. It doesn’t matter if Ford is happy, mad, or crying, as soon as Diz walks in he’s ALL smiles and wants down so he can crawl over to him. It melts your heart. (And makes me a tiny bit sad that I’m not ALWAYS the favorite. Diz has been very busy at work lately (it’s a blessing, really, but sometimes I miss having he m home to help with Ford’s bedtime routine). He’s also been hitting the gym a lot lately too. Yeah for us both getting back into shape.


Fun things we did: BOUGHT A HOUSE!

What we’re looking forward to: MOVING!! (& all that jazz aka painting, cleaning carpets, buying a washer & dryer, yard work, pouring concrete…) Diz’s first Father’s Day. Our 9 month photo shoot (which is really a 10 month photo shoot – because his photographer just had her baby and she’s on leave for a bit). Summer! Swimming!


9 month


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