Ford – 10 months

So… I had a draft of this post on my phone (or so I thought) and I somehow lost it. So this is going to be a very abridged version of Ford’s 10 month. Total Mom/Blog Fail.


Weight: 25lbs 4oz

Height: approx 30″

Doctor Appt: Well – we had yet another ear infection, this time it was bad! He had a perforation and had lots of drainage from both ears! Poor kid. We went to the after hours clinic on Saturday, were in to see the ENT on Tuesday and had surgery for ear tubes on Thursday. Since this was the 4th ear infection in 4 months I was not going to waste time or Ford’s health to see if he got the prototypical “7 in 7”. Since he was on track – I just went ahead and called the ENT myself. Sundance and his father both had tubes when they were kids. Sundance didn’t have them done until he was older, like 7 or 8, and suffered some hearing loss, so I knew I didn’t want to delay the process any longer. We saw Dr. Kipp Robbins in Provo and he was amazing. Surgery went extremely well. We were in and out of the hospital in 2.5 hours (from initial check in to the minute we walked out). We got great care and Ford has done extremely well since. No more ear infections.



Nicknames: Baby Ford, Bubbie, Bub, Bubba, Winnie, Fordy Ford, Fordy McFord.

Eating: He still has a hearty appetite. 4-5 bottles daily and 2-3 jars of baby food and he’s starting to eat more “regular” table food. Mostly fruits, some meats, bread, yogurt.


Sleeping: like a baby. 😉

Diapers: Size 4s

Clothing: 12-18 months, some 6-12 & 12 month stuff.

Social: He loves everyone & everyone loves him. i.e. During our home inspection, Ford reached out to the inspector (who was a nice, reputable guy, no doubt – but we’d never met him) and let the guy hold him the entire time while we did the walk-through. He has no concept of stranger danger. lol.


Likes: Mom. Dad. Grandma & Grandpa. The doggies. Eating all the food. Throwing his sippy on the floor. Sharing puffs with the dogs. Bath time. Ripping the blue tape off the trim after Mom spent countless hours getting it just right.

Dislikes: When the bottle is gone. When Dad puts him down. Waking up early from naps. Getting his ears checked by the ENT (or his assistant)


Momma: Getting the house ready. I hate painting. 😉 I especially hate prepping to paint (that blue tape sucks). Ran a PR half marathon at the AF Canyon Half in honor of Nancy.


Daddy: Getting the house ready. Also hates painting. Adding crown moulding to the master bed & bath, putting up batten board in Ford’s room, and trimming out all the windows.

Fun things we did: We’ve been busy bees getting the house ready. We also celebrated his first 4th of July. Surprisingly he did really well with the fireworks. He loved hanging out with his cousins. Also had his first lake trip. Didn’t love the life jacket, but did love the water.






What we’re looking forward to: Getting completely moved in.


Ford Comparison 10


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