Ford 11 months

How is our kiddo almost ONE?? I’m in shock that our little man is only weeks away from turning ONE. I will never understand how time can go so slow, yet speed by like it has these last 11 months. Love this kid more and more each day.


Weight: 25lb 10 oz

Height:  30.25″

Dr. Appt: took Ford in this month for a silly rash on his leg. It ended up being Eczema (which is what I thought it was…) and we are treating it with a special ointment. I’ve suspected all along he had it on his cheeks (they’ve always been really red & dry/flaky). He gets the occasional rough patch on his forehead and chin. Not a big deal. We just goop him up with Aquaphor and other healing balms. The prescription cream has helped a ton and the spot on his leg is not as inflammed or red.

Nicknames: Baby Ford, Bubbie, Bub, Mr Ford, Bubba, Handsome Boy, Fordy Ford, Winnie, Winnie the Pooh.


Eating: like a champ! He’s always hungry! Eats 4-5 bottles a day and 2-3 jars of baby food as well as table food.

Sleeping: Really well. We are so lucky. He goes down around 8:30/9 & wakes up around 6:30/7. He takes 2-3 naps a day. He’s done well with the move, never really had a rough night. I thought he might have a night or two of rough transition… but he’s done great.

Diapers: Size 4s

Clothing: He’s in 12-18 month clothes. Pretty much outgrown his 12 month clothes!


Social/Milestones: He’s started waving! It’s the cutest thing. Cruising like a champ. He can walk with you just holding one of our hands, when just a few weeks ago he needed both hands for support. I won’t be surprised if he is taking steps on his own by his birthday.

Likes: Anything musical or that lights up. Crawling up THE STAIRS. The dog bowls. Bath time. The dog toys (gag). His Dad. Cruising. Going for wagon rides. Swimming. When we chase him around the house, or when he chases us around the house.


Dislikes: when Daddy leaves the room, when we don’t share what we are eating, when we don’t let him go up the stairs (worst parents ever!)

Momma: Doing great! I’ve lost 23 lbs at Weight Watchers, been running more and getting a little faster, too. Still using the run/walk method for most of my runs. Recently PR’d at Hobble Creek Half (2:16) but I was able to run the whole thing. I have wondered if I would have done better if I had used my run/walk method, but I got stubborn and was proud of the fact that I had been running and then got to the poing where if I had started walking I knew I wouldn’t PR, so I kept running. I have been going back to CrossFit, but right now I’m only getting there once a week. The other night I did a shiz-ton of double unders (jump roping when the rope passes under your feet twice on one jump – it’s harder than it sounds, trust me). But I was SO proud of myself. They’ve never been a strength of mine (even before I got pregnant with Ford) so I was ecstatic to get 10-14 in a row, multiple times!


Daddy: Has been a busy dude! He did a TON of work on our house (will share pics soon!) and has been fixing up lots of things around the house too. I am lucky to have such a good partner. Really. He is such a good daddy to Ford and is always willing to be an equal partner in this parenting adventure. He is SO good with Ford. It makes my heart go pitter-patter when I see him playing with Ford or snuggling in the rocker (both passed out!).

Fun things we did: Joshie and Jen got married, Ford was the ring bearer. WE FINALLY FREAKIN’ MOVED!! Got to meet my Uncle Jason!


What we’re looking forward to: Having some friends and family over to the house for Ford’s birthday party! Getting everything settled in the house. Still have a bunch of stuff in our garage that needs to go into our crawl space (but we need shelving first). It’s been a busy month and honestly, I’m looking forward to lazy weekends!


Ford Comparsion 11


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