Ford’s Birthday Party

(sidenote – I’ve been a really crappy blogger – I hate blogging this late after the event – I forget most of the details and have to think of something clever to say…)

IMG_0055 edit

We celebrated with family and close friends and had so much fun. It was great to have everyone come over to the house and check out our new place (even though it was (and still is) so bare!).

We BBQ’d hot dogs & brats, had baked beans, chips & salsa, and veggie trays.
And of course, a smash cake for the birthday boy and cupcakes for everyone else. He actually didn’t dig the smash cake as much as I thought he would. He just scraped the frosting off the cake and then got mad when his hands were sticky. Silly boy.

On his birthday we gave him our gift – the Little Tykes Cozy Truck – and he LOVED it. He loves going for rides, opening (& closing) the door, tailgate and gas cap (again and again).


He got extremely spoiled by everyone and got lots of clothes (yay for fall & winter clothes), some cool shoes, books and toys.












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