Ford – 15 months

This little stink is growing up WAY too fast!


I know our previous updates were a little more structured, but I just don’t have that dedication anymore. Momma is BUSY being a momma!

We just had his well check yesterday and he is finally stabilizing weight wise – LOL. My lil chunky monkey has been in the 98% at his last 3 visits – weighed in at a whopping 28lbs 15oz! He’s 32.5” tall. Grew a whole inch taller since his last visit.


He was a tad nervous when we got the dr’s office – he was SUPER mad after he got his vaccines. Poor kiddo.

We had a battle with HFMD about 6ish weeks ago. It sucked. It spread like wildfire at his daycare. But I did get to spend a week at home with him and Diz got a day or 2, as well. Yay for using vacation days for sick babies. 😉 And then he gave it to my Dad. Sorry Grandpa!

After above mentioned HFMD debacle, I ventured into doTERRA essential oils and I’m happy to say I’m hooked. We’ve gotten into a little routine of oils with Ford. OnGuard on his feet twice a day and Lavender in his bath at night. When needed, I’ll use Clove on his gums for teething and Breathe on his chest & back when he’s congested. We just got a diffuser for his room and I’ve been diffusing Breathe or another “cough blend” (Lemon, Peppermint, White Fir & Eucalyptus) since we got it. LOVE IT. (also – we always dilute the oils with coconut oil, except the Lavender in his bath – but it’s 1 or 2 drops in a tub full of water –so basically, the same thing)


He’s starting to talk more. Says Daddy, Oggy (doggie), oof oof (woof woof), Whoa, Wow, Boom (complete with the knuckle bump – it’s truly the cutest thing), PaPa (Grandpa), Ba (ball) and very very very seldom – he’ll say Mama.

Some of the girls at his daycare will text me cute photos of Ford and it makes my day! I am so lucky to have such awesome caregivers for Ford. His teachers are just the best!



Except when he gets mad because he needs a bath – because he pooped his pants.


He LOVES the Christmas tree… and much to my dismay – pulling the ornaments and picks out. He’s ruined a few ornaments (luckily just the cheap plastic ones and one of my star picks). He also loves turning the lights off and on with the foot switch. I put up one of those felt trees (a la Pinterest – though I totally cheated and got a package of pre-cut ornaments) – and he loves that too. But the big tree is just so much more fun!



his first masterpiece!


snuggling with Olivia in her crate! #siblinglove


He loves (LOVES) ranch – just like Daddy. Licking the lid from the dressing container.


One thought on “Ford – 15 months

  1. Denise G. says:

    Oh my goodness that hair is just too much. I used to read your monthly updates, but then I had a baby boy of my own and I don’t get much time for blogs these days. But I found you on Instagram and came back to check in. (With a sick, sleeping baby on me right now of course.) My boy will be a year next week so i know how fast it goes! I’m really in shock that I’ll have a toddler soon, but I know he’ll always be my baby.


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