About Olivia

Olivia came into our lives on November 25, 2012 shortly after the death of my family dog, Abby. My Mom and Dad also bought a puppy from the same litter, and named her Paisley. One of my friends said “and the love for Abby was multiplied!” and it is SO true.

Olivia has changed our lives and made us into a family!

Diz is “allergic” to dogs so when we first got her he demanded that she stay out of the bedroom and off furniture, etc.Well… wouldn’t ya know, he was the first one to break the rules!

Mr. Allergic loves to snuggle with Olivia in bed (and on the couch!). She is definitely a Daddy’s girl! Even though I’m the one who takes her on runs, bathes her, brushes her, picks up her poopers, AND taught her all her tricks. Silly pup has her priorities all wrong.

She really is a great dog and such a wonderful addition to our family. I can’t imagine life without the little stinker!

kiss kiss Olivia

Olivia is a purebred Golden Retriever and we bought her from a local breeder in Utah County.


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