our LOVE story

the story of how Ash and Diz became the Urie’s…

Sundance and I started emailing through MySpace in September 2006. (He pursued me first! And I totally saved all his emails. One day I will show our kids!) We finally met each other a few weeks later on October 19 on a group date at Tucanos.

Never thought I’d be one of those ‘people’ who meet someone off the internet…

Hello?! That’s crazy! 

But it is what it is, and we were basically inseparable from that moment on.

I knew by that December that we would get married. He came with my whole family on a trip to Disneyland, and if he could deal with all my craziness plus my family’s craziness, I knew he was a keeper. We continued to date and started talking about marriage in the summer of 2007. After looking at lots of rings, we found the one, and he continued to torment me with things like “The sales guy called me and said they only have one ring left” and then “The sales guy called me and said they sold the last one” and even a fake-out proposal. lol.

He finally proposed on December 22, 2007 after dinner and Peter Pan in Park City. He was so nervous that he waited until we got all the way home and proposed in my parents’ basement. 🙂

We got married June 14, 2008. Best day of our lives…


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