Ford – 15 months

This little stink is growing up WAY too fast!


I know our previous updates were a little more structured, but I just don’t have that dedication anymore. Momma is BUSY being a momma!

We just had his well check yesterday and he is finally stabilizing weight wise – LOL. My lil chunky monkey has been in the 98% at his last 3 visits – weighed in at a whopping 28lbs 15oz! He’s 32.5” tall. Grew a whole inch taller since his last visit.


He was a tad nervous when we got the dr’s office – he was SUPER mad after he got his vaccines. Poor kiddo.

We had a battle with HFMD about 6ish weeks ago. It sucked. It spread like wildfire at his daycare. But I did get to spend a week at home with him and Diz got a day or 2, as well. Yay for using vacation days for sick babies. 😉 And then he gave it to my Dad. Sorry Grandpa!

After above mentioned HFMD debacle, I ventured into doTERRA essential oils and I’m happy to say I’m hooked. We’ve gotten into a little routine of oils with Ford. OnGuard on his feet twice a day and Lavender in his bath at night. When needed, I’ll use Clove on his gums for teething and Breathe on his chest & back when he’s congested. We just got a diffuser for his room and I’ve been diffusing Breathe or another “cough blend” (Lemon, Peppermint, White Fir & Eucalyptus) since we got it. LOVE IT. (also – we always dilute the oils with coconut oil, except the Lavender in his bath – but it’s 1 or 2 drops in a tub full of water –so basically, the same thing)


He’s starting to talk more. Says Daddy, Oggy (doggie), oof oof (woof woof), Whoa, Wow, Boom (complete with the knuckle bump – it’s truly the cutest thing), PaPa (Grandpa), Ba (ball) and very very very seldom – he’ll say Mama.

Some of the girls at his daycare will text me cute photos of Ford and it makes my day! I am so lucky to have such awesome caregivers for Ford. His teachers are just the best!



Except when he gets mad because he needs a bath – because he pooped his pants.


He LOVES the Christmas tree… and much to my dismay – pulling the ornaments and picks out. He’s ruined a few ornaments (luckily just the cheap plastic ones and one of my star picks). He also loves turning the lights off and on with the foot switch. I put up one of those felt trees (a la Pinterest – though I totally cheated and got a package of pre-cut ornaments) – and he loves that too. But the big tree is just so much more fun!



his first masterpiece!


snuggling with Olivia in her crate! #siblinglove


He loves (LOVES) ranch – just like Daddy. Licking the lid from the dressing container.


Ford's ONE YEAR OLD photo shoot

Kristina Curtis has done it again!

For Ford’s last photo shoot we headed down to Utah Lake at the docks. It was an early morning and much like Ford’s 10 month photo shoot – he wasn’t really digging it. It was a bit chilly being right on the water and he was tired. But we managed to get some good shots and Kristina offered to take some family shots as well. (of course, we brought Olivia too!)



_DSC7132_1My cute boy! Such a handsome little stink!





Ford had absolutely ZERO interest in his cake. I was SO hoping to get some good cake smash photos and he just wasn’t in to it. Like, at all.
Olivia, however, gladly stepped up and helped take care of the cake issue.

Ford’s Birthday Party

(sidenote – I’ve been a really crappy blogger – I hate blogging this late after the event – I forget most of the details and have to think of something clever to say…)

IMG_0055 edit

We celebrated with family and close friends and had so much fun. It was great to have everyone come over to the house and check out our new place (even though it was (and still is) so bare!).

We BBQ’d hot dogs & brats, had baked beans, chips & salsa, and veggie trays.
And of course, a smash cake for the birthday boy and cupcakes for everyone else. He actually didn’t dig the smash cake as much as I thought he would. He just scraped the frosting off the cake and then got mad when his hands were sticky. Silly boy.

On his birthday we gave him our gift – the Little Tykes Cozy Truck – and he LOVED it. He loves going for rides, opening (& closing) the door, tailgate and gas cap (again and again).


He got extremely spoiled by everyone and got lots of clothes (yay for fall & winter clothes), some cool shoes, books and toys.











Ford – 12 months

How in the world did we get here? How is he already 1? I still can’t believe it. It has been an amazing year with this beautiful little guy of ours. It’s been a crazy journey with lots of love, laughter and a few tears. Diz and I are so in love with this little guy of ours. (I can see why people have more than one child – which we will… EVENTUALLY.) It’s been so fun to watch him grow and learn and become his own little person. Seeing little bits of his personality shine through has been a joy to watch.


Weight: 26 lbs 15 oz! (98%)

Height: 31.5” (95%) he may be big, but at least he’s proportionate.

Doctor Appt: If I’m being honest, I was worried about his 1 year check. I was worried about his size, the amount he’s eating & drinking, and all the other Momma worries. Luckily, everything was FINE! LOL. I worry too much. His ped is very pleased with his growth and there were no mentions of baby dieting. Ha! We had to fill out a little questionnaire (called Ages & Stages Questionnaire) before his appt and he was right where he needed to be.

Nicknames: Baby Ford, Bubbie, Bub, Bubba, Winnie, Winnie the Pooh, Fordy Ford


Eating: We are on 3 (sometimes 4) bottles a day. Working on getting rid of the bottle. I’m not looking forward to it. Eating all the time! LOL. This kid loves to eat. And he’s becoming more independent and wanting to feed himself.

Sleeping: Like a baby! Ha! Going down a little earlier lately, closer to 8-8:30 and sleeping til 6:30/7. He takes 2 naps a day. One long one (1.5-2 hours, if we’re lucky he might even go 3! Though it’s rare!) and a shorter morning nap (30 mins-1 hour), very rarely he will rake a little cat nap late in the afternoon (15-30 minutes) – usually it’s the car ride home from work.

Diapers: Still in 4s

Clothing: 18 months. I’ve started buying some 18-24 month stuff to prepare for Fall & Winter.


Social/Milestones: Started walking a few days before his birthday! Watch out world! He’s cutting his 2 middle teeth (no more vampire teeth) and 1 (maybe 2) on the bottom.


Likes: Eating. Giving big, open mouth kisses to everyone, even Olivia. Brushing his teeth. All the ladies at his daycare (especially Patty & Brooke).

Dislikes: When Daddy (and sometimes Mommy) leaves the room. When Olivia steals his animal crackers. Drinking milk from a sippy. Getting out of the bathtub.


Momma & Daddy: Doing great. Having some issues with the backyard (floods when it rains! ACK!) but otherwise, ok. Enjoying our house. Still need to hang décor around the house – but we’ll get there.

Fun things we did: Went to the Zoo. Birthday party (another post!).

What we’re looking forward too: Ford’s 1 year photo shoot, we’re doing a couple of family shots too, I’m so excited!


12 month comparion

Happy Birthday Ford!

Here’s a little slideshow I put together on SmileBox for Ford’s party today – I figured I should share it here since I can’t invite everyone over to my house.
Hopefully I’ll get a post up later this week for Ford’s 1st birthday party!