About Diz

About DIZ

I met Sundance through MySpace in the fall of 2006.

(yup – we’re that couple. the weird ones who met on MySpace. Not Match.com, not eHarmony, but good ol’ MySpace)

My Mom initially referred to him as the ‘serial killer’ . The nickname was only exacerbated by his apparent love of horror movies. I swear, we saw 3 horror movies in the first 2 weeks of dating. BUT – (Thank GOD) when my Mom finally met him, she asked him about his parents (she grew up in the same area) and it turns out that our Moms were neighbors! Our Grandparents literally live across the street from each other.

By that December I knew I was going to marry him. Mainly because he agreed to go with my entire family (Mom’s side – 20+ family members) and he survived! This is also where the nickname ‘Diz’ originated. My brother’s girlfriend started calling him Sundizzle and it just STUCK. It later shortened to Dizzle and now, Diz. My family and friends all call him Diz. His family, however, thinks it’s bizarre.

(Um, you named your child Sundance, after a ski resort. Pot. Kettle. you decide.)

Diz is a finish carpenter by trade. He works on custom homes in Salt Lake County and Summit County. He did most of the finish work in our current apartment (we rent a basement apartment from a close family friend). I can’t wait for the day when we can buy a home and he can build custom wall units, bookcases, shelving, and closet organizers just the way I want, in addition to crown moulding, window trim and base boards.

Diz enjoys working out at the gym and has even run 3 Half Marathons. He never really trains properly – so he usually hurts for days – but he finished around 2 hours. Dang good for not training! He also enjoys going golfing and playing rec league softball.


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