sh*t crossfit girls say

have you seen this video?
I know Kara and Becky can relate (and laugh along with me…)

I’m guilty of the following:
“is this Paleo?”
I usually ask this in a sarcastic, smart ass way… but still. I ask.
“I need more chalk”
pretty much any time I’m hanging from the bar, I use chalk.
I’m a baby. and I don’t need more calluses. the ones I already have are ugly enough.
“Why isn’t the WOD up?”
I pretty much stalk the Elevated CrossFit site.
I have to know what I’m in for… and I google and youtube the things I don’t understand.
all. the. time.
like Tuesday’s ‘waiter walks’. wtf is a ‘waiter walk’ you ask?
pretty much what it sounds like, you hold a weight plate over your head like a waiter’s tray.
“Can we do these kipping?”
Tyson probably gets really sick of me asking this.
Unless it specifically states “strict” pull ups, we can ‘kip’.
I’d try to explain what kipping is to the non-crossfitters.
but I’m not sure I know how to explain it.
I would show you… but considering I still have to use a band (even when I kip) I’d only embarrass myself.
I’m only a few inches away from getting a “real” kipping pull up. (yup… just one.)
Yeah… I know… don’t be jealous. 😉
“my boobies really hurt… I did, like, 100 boy push ups today…”
like I can do 100… HA.
but my ladies do get sore. push ups. my weak attempts at ring dips. plyo-push ups.
“these stupid clips are stuck again.”
I pretty much hate the bar clips.
I can never get them off.
Tyson has one set of these Rogue Collar clips. So much easier to use than the clips.
For our WOD on Wednesday I called dibs on them right away.
Tyson’s response: “You would.”
In my defense it was a timed WOD and we had to add plates during the WOD, I wasn’t about to waste time with the damn clips. I need as much help as I can get!
anyone else guilty of saying these things?
anyone else die laughing at the snatch scene? OMG. I’m so immature. ha!
what are some of your favorite “Sh*t ______ says” videos?
I love the “Sh*t Girls Say“, “Shiz Mormons Say“, and “Sh*t Nobody Says“.

5 thoughts on “sh*t crossfit girls say

  1. Jen says:

    I love that you have a new subculture that you are a part of! You can teach me all the slang terms! I miss you and it hasn’t even been that long! We need to plan a time to get together!


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